"I made a promise, Mr.Frodo, a promise! Don’t you lose him Samwise Gamgee, and I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to!"

Living by faith includes the call to something greater than cowardly self-preservation.


Lord of the Rings Reread: The Last Debate

"Strange indeed," said Legolas. "In that hour I looked on Aragorn and thought how great and terrible a Lord he might have become in the strength of his will, had he taken the Ring to himself. Not for naught does Mordor fear him. But nobler is his spirit than the understanding of Sauron; for is he not of the children of Lúthien? Never shall that line fail, though the years may lengthen beyond count."


And thus it was, the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth began, and the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended

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